Surfing in the Maldives

The Maldives islands always have been a remote paradise for travelers around the world, but actually never known for the good quality of waves you can find in the area. However, surfers for all around the world visit different of the many choices you have in the archipelago. From north to south Atolls an extended variety of waves for different levels with crystalline waters and long rides. We can share with you some information that may help you if you never have been in Maldives. In the north Atolls in Himmafushi Island you can find Jails break, this is a point break with a steep right hander with fast sections that can give you some barrels in good solid days. From Himmafushi just 10 minutes trip in the locals boats called Dhoni you can find two beautiful waves, one is called Sultans and the other one Honkeys, where with good conditions you have waves for everyone, natural footers and also goofies. Sultans is a magnificent right hander that can work with small and also big swells, a long ride with very open faces good to practice manouvers and well known for fun waves can also provide solid size barrels when strong swells hit the area. In the other side Honkeys exactly breaks to the opposite direction from Sultans, this left hander with the good wind direction or glassy conditions can provide very long waves with steep sections all the way down the little island, a very nice option for goofy footers and anyone that is in the level somewhere from intermediate to advance. If you are a surfer and you are planning to visit the Maldives you will enjoy this three waves in the area of Himmafushi. We motivate you to visit us and enjoy with the friendly locals all the wonders they have to share with you.